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"Gothic coffin" Spikring

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How it works

Om du letar efter en ring som tål hårt arbete kan du sluta leta. Tillverkad av järn och designad för att representera styrkan och arvet från smederna som formade den, är järnspikringen en påminnelse om ditt engagemang för hantverk. 

  • Behandlad med linoljebränd beläggning, för att förhindra oxidering.
  • Eftersom jag skapar alla mina smycken för hand kan storleken och formen variera något.

How to measure

  1. Find a ring sizing conversion chart online. This will help you convert your measurement to the right ring size.
  2. Cut out a narrow strip of paper: The strip should be long enough to wrap around your finger.
  3. Wrap the paper around your knuckle: Place the paper strip around the knuckle right above where you want to wear the ring. The ring will need to be big enough to slide over the knuckle.
  4. Draw a line where the strip overlaps: Draw a line with the strip of paper that overlaps the end that's touching your finger.
  5. Unroll the paper and measure: Unroll the paper strip and measure the distance from the end to the marked line. Measure in centimeters or millimeters for the most accurate size.
  6. Compare your measurement to the size chart: For instance, a measurement of 67.2 millimeters corresponds to a ring size of 12 in the U.S.


Vår svenska sida är under konstruktion och håller på att översättas. Tack för ert tålamod!

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Material and care
The material used in each product is stated in the product's description. If I use the term "iron" I am referring to mild steel which is around 99.8% iron and 0.2% carbon. Tools requires iron with a higher carbon content and is usually referred to as High carbon steel. The specific steel used is stated in the product's description

For products made out of iron: I recommend keeping the product away from water and moisture. It has a protective layer of linseed oil so if it gets wet no harm is done, just wipe it off and let it dry. The best protection and care is to use the product daily.


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Produkten är gjord av järn och är linoljebränd (om inte annat anges i beskrivningen).
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Martin Dietrich
Great quality, matched the description per...

Great quality, matched the description perfectly.

Sheran Becker
Well made and sturdy. Shipping overseas wa...

Well made and sturdy. Shipping overseas was surprisingly fast!

Raul Ritchie
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Tyler Stark
My wife loves this! Thank you again!

My wife loves this! Thank you again!

Ryan Stamm
This review has no content.

This review has no content.