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Beginner blacksmithing tips - Notched Round Rivets: A Creative Solution

You might think that blacksmithing is a simple, straightforward process. But, as any experienced blacksmith will tell you, there are always unexpected challenges in the workshop. One such challenge we're going to discuss today is how to prevent round rivets from spinning when you can't punch a hole and have to resort to drilling round holes instead. Perfect tip for beginner blacksmiths.

The Spinning Round Rivet Dilemma

Here's a typical scenario: You're a blacksmith working diligently in your workshop, and you need to attach two pieces together using rivets. Unfortunately, you can't punch the hole, so you have to drill it. You choose a round rivet and complete the process. But, as you find out, round rivets can be a problem: they can spin, which in turn makes the pieces they hold spin too.

The Solution: Notched Round Rivets

At first, you might think that using a square rivet could solve this issue. However, punching a square hole isn't always possible, and you might still have to resort to drilling round holes. So, is there another solution?

Yes, there is! A simple yet effective method was inspired by modern screws. The technique involves making notches for the rivets to hold on to, specifically by creating these notches where the rivet's head goes. Then, when riveting, the rivet's head will shape itself into the notches, much like a screwdriver fits into a screw. This allows the head to fit snugly into the notches and stay in place, preventing the attached parts from spinning.

While this method may not be as strong as using a square rivet, it has its place in blacksmithing and offers a practical solution for certain situations.

Conclusion: Simple, Fast, and Efficient

In conclusion, this creative solution for round rivet dilemmas offers a fast, simple, and effective way to drill holes and ensure that everything stays in place during your blacksmithing projects. So, next time you encounter a spinning rivet issue, remember this handy technique and save yourself from potential headaches in the workshop.

Thanks for joining us on this exploration of a blacksmithing trick. We hope that the notched round rivet method helps make your work easier and more efficient. Be well and happy forging!

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