Do You Strive for Excellence in Bushcrafting?

Finding tools that truly meet the demands of the wilderness is no small feat. 99% of the options fall short in reliability and versatility. But what about that rare 1%

The quality of tools you choose for your bushcraft adventure can either enhance the experience, or deprive it

The rare 1%
You’re deep in the woods as dusk settles. There’s no worry about starting a fire, even with damp wood and a chill in the air. Your fire striker sparks a flame in the first few seconds, unfaced by the harsh and changing environment—reliable and effective.

Effortlessly, you pull your cooking station from your backpack. It’s as compact as the knife you carry on your wrist yet unfolds to offer rugged stability and superb portability—essential, not a burden

And the axe? It slices through wood as if it were butter—sharp, robust, crafted not just to cut but to last for generations.

Why settle for the ordinary when you can have the extraordinary?

Ordinary tools are often made from inferior metals, which compromise their durability and effectiveness. Our tools, however, are crafted from high-grade iron, chosen for its strength and resilience.

Each piece is hand-forged using time-honored techniques, ensuring lasting quality and enduring performance.

Free Bushcraft Masterclass

Wisdom is welcome wherever it comes from, says Odin. In bushcrafting and survival, knowledge is crucial. Our masterclass provides essential techniques like fire-making with flint and steel and creating charcloth—skills our ancestors used to survive in the harsh of the wilderness

Upgrade Your Toolkid For The Last Time

The Bushcraft Master Bundle

Masterful Hand-Forged Bushcrafting Axe:

  • Built for a Lifetime: Constructed to withstand the toughest conditions and last a lifetime.
  • Efficient Performance: Superior cutting power makes chopping, cutting, and splitting wood effortlessly.
  • Heritage Design: Reflects the proud tradition of Viking craftsmanship, enhancing the authenticity of your outdoor experience.

Unique Tripod Holder for Optimal Cooking:

  • Lightweight & Portable: Easy to carry and set up, perfect for any bush crafting or camping trip.
  • Sturdy & Reliable: Hand-forged durability ensures it stands the test of time and use.
  • Versatile Functionality: Ideal for hanging cookware over a fire, providing practical and reliable cooking solutions.

Mjölnir Flintstriker Package:

  • Compact & Ready: Fits into any bushcraft or survival kit, comes in a metal box with tinder material and flint, ready to ignite.
  • Durable & Dependable: Built to provide reliable sparks in any conditions, ensuring you're always ready to start a fire.
  • Simple to Use: Designed for ease, suitable for both novice and experienced bushcrafters seeking a traditional fire-making experience.

Bushcraft Masterclass

  • Fire Mastery Guide (Video): Master the primal art of fire-making with our exclusive video guide. Learn to ignite a robust fire with your Mjölnir Flintstriker, even in the most challenging conditions. This tutorial ensures you can create warmth and cook food wherever your adventures take you.
  • How to make Charcloth (Video):
    Gain the skill to create your own miracle tinder. This video tutorial guides you through making charcloth at home, a simple yet crucial skill that enhances your fire-starting capabilities, ensuring you’re always ready, whatever the weather.
  • Comprehensive Fire Types Guide (PDF):
    Understand the science and strategy behind various fire types. This detailed PDF explores the uses and practical applications of different fires, teaching you how to choose and manage the perfect fire for any bushcrafting need.

Personalize your Bundle

  • Unique Touch: Provide your name or a chosen rune, and we'll engrave it on the axe and flintstriker. This one-of-a-kind bundle is crafted to be as unique as you are.

So, what do you choose?