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Don’t trust Hugin and Munin: A lesson in discernment

Odin the Allfather, the god of wisdom, knowledge, and magic. He is accompanied by two ravens, Huginn and Muninn. Huginn represents thought, while Muninn represents memory.

Every day, Huginn and Muninn fly out into the world, gathering information for Odin. They return to him at dusk, whispering all that they have seen and heard.

Odin is wise, curious, and wants to learn more. He needs to discern the truth from the lies, that not everything Huginn and Muninn bring him is to be believed.

Just as Odin must discern the truth from the lies brought to him, we must also be discerning about the thoughts and memories that our ravens bring to us.

Not all of our thoughts are true. Some of them are based on fear, anxiety, or insecurity. Some of them are simply the product of our imaginations.

Not all of our memories are accurate. Some of them are distorted by time or by our own biases.

It is important to be aware of the difference between our thoughts and our reality. We should not believe everything that comes to mind.

Instead, we should observe our thoughts and memories with detachment. We should ask ourselves if they are helpful or harmful. We should ask ourselves if they are based on truth or fear.

Hugin and Munin pendant

Hugin and Munin will return to us but we can choose to observe and accept, we can choose to let it go.

We are not our thoughts or our memories. We are the ones who choose what to believe and what to let go.

So, the next time you are caught up in a negative thought pattern, or the next time you are haunted by a painful memory, remember the ravens of Odin. Remember that you have the power to choose what to believe and what to let go.


The Ravens of Odin is a powerful symbol of discernment. They teach us that we must be careful about what we believe. We must not allow our thoughts or our memories to control us. Instead, we must be the ones who control our minds.

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