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A sip of the mead of poetry

You feel the pressure but keep staring at a blank page. Your amazing idea, but now it feels like it's collecting dust in your mind. That exciting project that once sparked a fire in your gut now feels more like a soggy firework – all fizzle, no bang. 

The wisest of them all - Making the mead of poetry

After the war between the Aesir and Vanir gods ended, the gods sealed their peace by spitting into a barrel.

From this spittle, they created the wisest being in Norse mythology, named Kvasir.

Kvasir shared his wisdom until he was killed by the dwarves Fjalar and Galar.

They drained and mixed Kvasir's blood with honey to create a magical mead that would fill poetic inspiration and wisdom to anyone who drank it. This became known as the Mead of Poetry.

The dwarves eventually gave the mead as compensation to the giant Suttung after murdering his parents. Suttung hid the precious mead in an underground chamber within the mountain. He then placed his daughter as the guard.

Odin wanted the mead for himself and the other gods. He used trickery get to the chamber. Seducing the guard, Odin was allowed three drinks of the mead, but with each "drink" he drained an entire barrel , resulting in him drinking all the Mead.

Odin then transformed into an eagle and flew back to Asgard. Suttung also took the form of an eagle and gave chase. As Odin neared Asgard, he spat out the mead into barrels prepared by the gods. However, some mead dribbled out behind him, known as the "poetasters' portion" - the source of bad poets.

The mead of poetry became the source that allowed gods and chosen humans to gain knowledge and compose fantastic poetry. Odin gifted portions of this mead to those he saw as worthy.

The story illustrates Odin's endless search for wisdom and knowledge. Like Odin, you have a grand vision, a passion project that yearns to bridge the gap between your field and the rest of us.

Just as the Mead of Poetry fueled creativity, your project holds the potential to become a wellspring of knowledge and inspiration. You gather information, explore possibilities, and your project is viewed as a beautiful vision. It's your personal "mead," a way to share wisdom that is easy to understand.

The journey, however, won't be without challenges. You will encounter difficulties.

Balancing your project with daily life and managing your time will be crucial. Communication becomes key to avoid misunderstandings and maintain strong relationships.

Focused and balanced, you'll find your rhythm. Set boundaries, plan breaks, and prioritize the people who matter most. Just like Odin you'll find ways to achieve your vision.

Remember, your journey is a reflection of your passion. And who knows, maybe a well-timed doodle, like an unexpected sip of mead, will spark a breakthrough on your path to fulfillment.

In my workshop, Odin is hanging on the wall and offering mead when needed. I would be happy and honored to forge one to you as well.

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