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Solstice's Song: The Eternal Dance of Oak and Holly

This poem is inspired by the everlasting battle between the Holly king and the Oak king that takes place every summer solstice, in various neopagan traditions. Wicca is one of them. This poem starts in Litha - the summer solstice on the Wheel of the year.

In golden glow of Litha's fire,
The Oak and Holly Kings aspire,
An eternal battle they engage,
As summer solstice turns the page.

Oak King stands with strength and might,
His sunlit crown, a radiant light,
He reigns with warmth and vibrant power,
Through long days, nature's finest hour.

Holly King, dark and winter-born,
With icy touch and shadows worn,
He rises on this fateful day,
To claim his reign, darkness in sway.

Their clash reverberates in the air,
A struggle timeless, beyond compare,
As Oak and Holly fiercely vie,
Day's fate hangs on the summer sky.

With bated breath, we watch the fight,
As sun descends, yielding to night,
Holly triumphs, his victory near,
Days grow shorter, darkness draws near.

Yet within this eternal strife,
The Wheel of Year turns on this life,
For when winter solstice arrives,
The Oak King's strength again revives.

In cyclical dance, they never rest,
The Oak and Holly, forever blessed,
As seasons shift, their roles unfurl,
A testament to nature's eternal swirl.

So, as we honor Litha's blaze,
We embrace the sun's fiery rays,
Knowing the Oak King will return,
Bringing light, as the seasons churn.

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