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Unraveling Nature's Secrets: A Journey with Guest blogger Falyriae

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Meet our guest post blogger Falyriae - a dear friend of Lufolks - a true enchantress of the mystical and magical. A multifaceted soul, she weaves her artistic talents effortlessly, capturing the essence of life through the lens of her camera, creating melodies that touch the soul, and pictures with the hues of imagination. Falyriae is no ordinary artist; she is a sorceress of creativity, and her every creation whispers tales of wonder and awe. Nature is her muse and companion, an ever-changing tapestry of beauty and lessons. 

In the contemporary world, where many forget the profound connection with Nature, Falyriae delves deep into its mysteries, drawing cobwebs of ancient wisdom and bringing it to life through her art. So come, embark on a journey guided by Falyriae’s wisdom, where intuition leads the way, and the mystical world reveals its enchanting secrets. Lose yourself in the wonders of her storytelling and explore the limitless possibilities she unveils. Allow her words to open your heart to the unknown, where dreams intertwine with reality, and miracles are woven into the fabric of existence. 

Image of Falyriae when she stands by the ocean

Unveiling the Enchantment of Nature

Nature is our companion. Its changing shape, finding it even in hostile places, has always been a lesson for human beings. I always find similarities that bring me back to thinking about it, there's nothing stopping me from doing that. Even today, that we live in a contemporary era, it is not difficult for my mind to draw cobwebs where Nature is the creator. We are daughters and sons of the past, of the present, and of the future, and one of my main missions in this experience called life is to unite these worlds, leaving nothing to chance.

This need has led me to pour these desires that live inside my essence into what I create. I like to believe that the divine reigns in each of us, it's only up to us to rediscover it and awaken it.

Embracing Rituals and the Twelve Senses

My rituals have helped me so much in this, giving me strength when I needed it, and listening to that voice that sometimes tends to fade due to circumstances. I often find myself performing rituals for each phase of the moon surrounded by water. I think the contact we can have with the Moon and the element of water, as long as the other elements, can spread so much potential in you.

We are surrounded by signals that our human mind sometimes fails to capture, because it is as if there were something to hinder me, to create barriers between us and them. I would like to mention the scientist and philosopher Rudolf Steiner, who dealt intensively with the human ability to feel. He developed a model of twelve senses, integrating the classic five - touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste - with seven other senses. These seven new senses are warmth, balance, movement, language, thought, life and self.

The twelve senses were assigned to three groups: the senses of the external world, the senses of the body, and the social senses.

If we know, we can. 

If we feel, we can. 

If we imagine, we can. 

Falyriaes content when she stands in fire with hands before her eyes
Falyriaes content when she stands by the oceans, with two moons and six arms towards the sky

A Profound Connection with Nature

The connection with Nature, would take us to a high physical dimension, where the possible and the impossible do not exist, because as long as that something enters the physical dimension, it is already possibility, reality and existence. A thought is not surreal, but real, because it exists, even if it lives in the mind. I tend to live thinking about this concept, because it gives me the strength to create, and to think that nothing is impossible.

The metamorphis is another concept that is very dear to me. We mutate, we evolve, we shed our skin, continuously, even when it is not clear to us or we think that everything is static. In my life the concept of static does not exist. Think of a seed, that seed will never be the same, because it has an indescribable life path ahead of it. It could become a tree, as it could be razed to the ground. This leads me to think about living in the moment, fully.

My invitation is to return to reconnect with it, because it resides in us and we reside in it. Over time, the respect and the bond that I like to define as indissoluble, has been forgotten. It's not she who forgot us, but we did it.

Falyriaes content from her Instagram page

Nature in Mythology: A Divine Interplay

If we look back in our history, we discover that once upon a time the relationship between man and nature was not like this. An intrinsic relationship, of connection, where nature was not evil, but a source of inspiration and feeling.

In Greek mythology, Nature is constantly described as personification: its various elements are divine creatures who interact with each other, in relationships of alliance or conflict and which determine the variety of natural aspects and their impact on human life.

From the classical world to the Flemish landscape, nature has always had a fundamental centrality up to now, understood in a continuous connection with man.

Where today the necrophilic attempt of modern man turns nature as a pure object of exploitation, the classics once again guide us towards the path of awareness and awareness of what the world around us means. It is about rediscovering this connection, this two-way relationship with nature, never a mere tool, but a source of life for all humanity.

It's about discover again the enchantment of life with the power of magic and ritual, to dive deep into the realm of possibilities as you tap into your seven senses, immersing yourself in a world where intuition guides your every move, opening doors to hidden mysteries and unexplored energies.

Final thoughts

Awaken your inner sorcerer and discover a new dimension that lies beyond what meets the eye. Embrace this transformative journey and watch as it leads you to a profound connection with yourself and the universe around you, by reconnecting with the tranquility of nature and experience a profound sense of well-being. Studies show that spending time in natural environments can reduce stress, improve mental health, and boost creativity. Embrace the beauty around you, whether it's a breathtaking sunrise or a peaceful walk in the park. Take this opportunity to immerse yourself in the wonders of nature – let its healing power rejuvenate your soul. She's everywhere, it's up to you to open your arms to her. 

Letting your mind wander free, without limits, prohibitions, something magnificent can arise in you. You can step into the mystical world of the unknown, where enchanting secrets await.

Explore hidden realms filled with mystique and wonder, as you unravel ancient tales passed down through generations. Lose yourself in the magic that lies beyond what we can see, and let your imagination soar. Discover a universe brimming with limitless possibilities, where dreams become reality and miracles are born. Open your heart to the unknown and embark on an extraordinary journey unlike any other, because the mystical world awaits for you.

Falyriaes content from her Instagram page
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